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WARLORD #48 (1981) NM, white! Arak 16 page preview (First appearance!)

WARLORD #48 (1981) NM, white! Arak 16 page preview (First appearance!)

NM, white paper! Arak 16 page preview first appearance!

Morgan interferes with a village ritual and raises their wrath in “Dragon of Ice.” Script by Mike Grell and art by Mike Grell and Vince Colleta. Issue has backup feature with Claw the Unconquered in “The Curse of the Claw.” Script by Jack C. Harris and art by Tom Yeates. Issue also has a special 15-page advance preview of the Arak Son of Thunder comic created by Roy Thomas and Ernie Colon. First appearance of Arak. Cover price $0.50.

Comic Books: DC silver-age through 1980s

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