Return Policy

If you have bought an item from this web site and wish to return it, please use the following steps for a full refund:

  1. If in sealed packaging (such as a CGC slab or sealed on all sides container) do not remove the item from its sealed individual packaging. This is important for collectibles in order to assure the item remains in its original condition. Most comics I sell will be in plastic or mylar bags that you can remove and inspect the comic. Please be careful to assure it stays in the original condition. Pay close attention to any tape used to close any bags so that the tape does not accidentally adhere to the comic or other collectible.
  2. Send us an email advising us of the return.
  3. Package your item carefully and send it back to us within seven (7) days of your receipt.
  4. We will verify the contents of the return. Assuming all checks out you will be refunded 100% of your original purchase price (including any shipping costs you paid) as well as the cost you incurred shipping back to us. For your return cost, we will use the postage price paid. Keep a receipt showing your return expenses in the event the price paid to ship is not clear on the package so we can get a copy of that via email if needed.
  5. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We have never had a return on and had less thanĀ  0.2 of 1 percent return rate when we used ebay! This is over an experience of shipping out 5,000+ packages. See the “About” page for links to my feedback on these two trading platforms.

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